The Exumas offer some excellent diving. Cliff and Liza have expert knowledge of world-class dive sites with virgin reefs, wrecks, big animals, warm water and spectacular visibility. Some fantastic drift dives are available.

Captain Cliff is a NAUI Scuba Instructor, so guests may dive without being dive certified.

All diving is weather dependent. Divers can estimate 2-4 dives a week, perhaps more and perhaps less.

Recent guest comments:

  • "2 of the best dives of my whole life."
  • "Now we see what you mean about quality over quantity. That dive had everything. There was never a moment when we weren't seeing something really big and really cool!"

SOLSTICE features Sherwood equipment and an onboard compressor. Cliff has been a certified diver for 33 years, and Liza has been a certified diver for 15 years. All diving is at Cliff's discretion, and all divers sign a NAUI release form before diving.

•  For Certified Divers: $60/person/dive.

    Includes tank, weights, BC, regulator, mask and fins. Does not include wetsuits, encouraged December-April.

•  Resort SCUBA course: $150/person.

    After completing this introductory course, typically in an afternoon, new divers can dive with Cliff for the rest of the charter - no prior certification required! $150 includes instruction, one dive, and equipment. Does not include wetsuits, encouraged December-April. Participants can elect to do additional dives at $60/person/dive, accompanied by the instructor.

•  Open-Water SCUBA Certification REFERRAL: $400/person

    Do your pool and book work at home, and get dive certified during your charter! Includes an in-water skill assessment. Student must bring prior coursework proof and instructor sign-off. The course includes equipment and 4 supervised SCUBA dives plus 1 supervised snorkel dive. Does not include wetsuits, encouraged December-April. The successful student will qualify for the NAUI Open-Water Certification and can add dives at $60/person/dive.

•  Open-Water SCUBA Certification Course: please inquire

    This is the entire entry-level NAUI Open-Water certification course. Includes all instruction books, workbooks, paperwork, registration fees, and equipment. Does not include wetsuits, encouraged December-April. Instructor is Captain Cliff Block, NAUI/PADI/NASDS instructor #11660/755. This does not guarantee certification. The successful student can add dives at $60/person/dive.

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