"I want to relay to you how thankful I am that to have had to good fortune to land on SOLSTICE with the two of you. There were so many variables in our charter search, and so many others we might have booked, that I call it largely luck. I was certain that this group would have fun no matter what kind of trip we took (we would have fun at a traffic jam) so in some ways, the perfection of our Solstice cruise was overkill. Everyone thought that this was a spectacular experience, and that the two of you were stellar. I'm not sure anyone else knows how much extra you delivered--I'm not special but because I have some cruising experience I know that not every charter captain/first mate would:

  • have anchored us in those perfect, uncharted areas, yielding once-in-a-lifetime solitude on those gorgeous shores.
  • cooked such challenging menus from that galley--they're always small, but that's a tight one.
  • baked from scratch muffins/breads/cakes? Most people don't do that in their $75K kitchens. And to land with people who share leanings toward a healthier diet? Huge plus for me.
  • offered to build a beach bonfire--3 times. We wouldn't have known that this was a possibility. Other captains would have preferred to do nothing.
  • made such effort to provide Nancy, a cold-blooded, nearly-blind-without-her-glasses claustrophobe with the means (Cliff's personal wetsuit, along with his patience and guidance) to conquer her obstacles to snorkel in Thunderball grotto. When were flying away from Staniel Cay, she named this as the highlight of her trip. FYI Julie named the 40-mile run, when we flew the chute, as hers. Barb named snorkeling at the whale's tail beach where there were so many sand dollars. I named the the bonus of being the only ones in those places where that happened.
  • provided the opportunity to yoga when/where we fancied
  • keep a clean, safe boat without ever making it seem like you were cleaning up after us, and making us feel comfortable about using everything on the boat without any helicoptering anxiety as owners.
  • brought so much experience to the charter, at all levels.

There are lots of places one can spend charter fees, but monetizing experience is difficult and it isn't always accurately priced. I have a hard time believing that many bring as much to this profession as the two of you. It was important for me to see that everything on the boat was in good working condition. I would feel comfortable with you navigating bad weather, boat repairs, sickness...any number of challenges that can arise while sailing.

We came with no particular agenda, and none of us had done much research about destinations, so your suggestions about where we could reasonably go and all of the options that made sense were really helpful for this group. We would have been happy reading, sunning, playing games, but we would have missed so many things that you outlined for us.

Even your Nassau advice was really useful. We got the taxi driver to swing by the daiquiri stand on our way from the airport to the hotel. We went to O Andros for dinner, and yes, the potato salad is great. Staying in Nassau after the charter was a bit of an assault after the tranquility of the Exumas. Nothing unpleasant, it's just that the bar was set rather high as we came off SOLSTICE.

I picked some photos for Facebook, and they're getting lots of oohs and ahhs. No surprise to you.

We all agreed that the best thanks we could give is you to try to send you more business. I think that each of us has at least one group in mind that could be Solstice-worthy, so we'll get our marketing campaigns in full swing. While wearing our SOLSTICE T-shirts. Best,
- KD

"Our second Solstice journey and every bit as magical as the first! We all had our own
highlights...mine was our SUP adventure to Sea Bean Beach through the mangrove rivers and
being met on the way back by Cliff with beers...and then Liza onboard Solstice with quesadillas!"
March 2014, repeat Family from Colorado
Great Adventure
"Our Solstice adventure was more than we could have imagined! Thank you so much for the
adventure of a lifetime...truly amazing! We miss being with you in the pristine Exumas! Can't
stop talking about the trip and how wonderful and generous you both are. Thank you both so
much! We will be recommending you and Solstice to others who may want a great adventure.
(They won't be as fun as we are just kidding!) Until we meet again...." June 2014, 4 time repeat
American friends
A Piece of our Hearts Left on Solstice
"The Exumas are a beautiful place and you both made them for us even more special! All
members of our family left a piece of our hearts in the islands and we leave another piece of our
hearts on the Solstice! We returned home with ours minds full of wonderful memories, all the
wonderful places we visited with you, and this will give us the energy to deal with our cold rainy
days at home! Thanks again to you and Cliff for your enthusiasm, you are very special! I can tell
you personally that I am really restednot having to think about anything is really a luxury! Thank you for everything, we will be back soon!" July 2014, Swiss family, relatives of former repeat
"Excellent crew! Friendly, engaging, knowledgeable, conversational and looked after us from start to finish. SOLSTICE was comfortable and clean. Lots of space to relax in sun or shade. We were well-fed. Lots of good food at every meal, and in between too! Liza did a great job preparing meals based on the info sheet we sent pre-trip. Cliff talked with us each evening and morning about the itinerary. Very flexible. The Exumas are just stunning, and the isolation adds to the beauty." - SS
"Thanks again for a wonderful experience. This trip had it all! Everything was better than we anticipated, and I think you may have produced at least a couple diving addicts! More so, your passion for what you do was on display every day, and that's what made everything - every meal, every dive, every beach, so memorable." - USA family
"It was really great! We loved Liza and Cliff! Food great. Loved the yoga. Everything perfect".
A week that will live in our memories the rest of our lives!
"We have had many conversations about you both and miss you as well. We just watched the Vanilla Sky Beach Flip video tonight and still cannot get over the beauty, clarity and vastness of that beach. What a stroke of luck for us that we happened upon your boat listing and had the opportunity to meet and spend time with you both. Your flexibility, knowledge and kindness were truly felt and appreciated. It is a week that will live in our memories the rest of our lives, and I must say, that with all of the travelling we have done, it is hard to think of a trip that we enjoyed as much as this one. I still find it hard to believe that my little boy was sporting a big blue air tank and nosing around a sunken airplane last week. He proudly wore his Solstice hat to camp this morning and had me write his name inside just in case it got misplaced. Well, cheers to you both. Again, our heartfelt thanks, love and gratitude and look forward to the next time our paths cross." - USA family of 4
Wonderful Memories
"So glad that we chose you guys for our charter in the Bahamas. I've just been going through some pictures and we have such great memories. Thanks again for some wonderful memories - the Exumas...and both of you are a part of our hearts now. We'll keep in touch!" - USA family
"Quick one word summary: AWESOME!!!!!" - USA family
We absolutely loved Solstice
"We absolutely loved Solstice and would not hesitate to recommend it. Cliff & Liza were wonderful hosts and the scenery was AWESOME! Miles of secluded beaches with very few other boats. If someone wants to get away, this is the place to do it. The only potential downside is that the dives were fewer, but very high quality. It didn't bother us because we managed 4 dives, 2 of which were shark dives! ” - Eric C. and family
Was the yacht ready at the appointed time & place? YES
Was the yacht clean & well maintained throughout your stay? YES
Was the crew friendly & accommodating to your needs & requests? YES
Describe the quality/presentation of meals/beverages & whether your requests were adhered to: Exceeded our expectations!
Were listed watersports/toys available and in good condition? YES
Did you enjoy the area you cruised? Very much!
How would you rate your overall charter experience? Unbelievably great!
How would you rate your Crew? Perfect!
It was the best vacation we have ever been on
"We have nothing but wonderful things to say about our cruise aboard Solstice in the Bahamas. Cliff and Liza were absolutely wonderful! They were both accommodating and professional, friendly and enjoyable to be around. We feel like we have made friends for life with them.

Cliff was a very competent and skilled captain; we were always comfortable and enthralled by his choice of locations and activities. Liza was an excellent cook and hostess. The meals were fabulous with endless variety and choices. Each meal was a study in taste, appearance and gastronomical delight!

Solstice was a pleasure to be aboard. Our staterooms were very comfortable and Liza and Cliff kept them clean and neat every day. The entire boat was comfortable and very fun to be aboard. They provided an ample supply of towels and toys and there was always something interesting to do and see. Time was also allowed for just laying around and soaking up the sun and sea.

It was the best vacation we have ever been on and we would not hesitate to recommend Cliff and Liza to everyone we know. The only part of the cruise that was sad was when it ended. We are forever indebted to them for providing a cruise that went way beyond the call of duty. ” - Debi & Randy A.
Wonderful charter - Fabulous hosts
"Dear Broker, We just got back from Nassau late last night. SOLSTICE was wonderful! Both Cliff and Liza were extremely accommodating and insightful /intuitive about the various members of our group. For example, Cliff made certain that our first daughter got to dive as much as she wanted to. I am very grateful for this attention to her, as the confidence that she gained was immeasurable. Cliff also took my tentative husband on a shark dive. We also enjoyed Cliff and Liza being with us for games and talking, but they also disappeared at times. This was considerate, but I never felt they intruded in any way. The food was exactly what we asked for--some Bahamian thrown in the mix, and it was great. Also we had desserts at each meal--a real bonus. Our other daughter going on Semester at Sea is taking Physics for Mariners and had a Sextant which she brought out for Cliff to look at. I really cannot think of any suggestions. The boat was pristine and kept that way. Cliff and Liza were fabulous hosts. Thank you very much for guiding me through the charter and suggesting SOLSTICE.” - D.B. and family, USA
Fantastic – Best family vacation ever
“Dear Cliff and Liza, I just spoke with Elizabeth regarding her Christmas family charter with you. She said it was absolutely perfect, fantastic and the best vacation they have ever had. She will be back! The children loved it, especially all the activities you led with them. Flying in and out of Staniel Cay was a great suggestion, and so convenient with direct flights from Ft. Lauderdale. You delivered a great array of beaches and activities above and below the water, all in a family friendly package. You made the windy conditions not be an issue at all. Thanks so much for taking such great care and hitting the ball out of the park with a perfect charter.” - Yacht Charter Broker, USA family
Great Relaxing Family Vacation
"Absolutely top drawer! The best trip ever by far! Sharks, iguanas, birds and fish galore, complete with gorgeous sunsets! Thanks for the pampering - it was a great relaxing family vacation!" - Raina Family
An Amazing Week
"Thank you for an amazing week! We couldn't have asked for a better trip! Best trip ever!" - Craig S.
The Exumas are Fabulous
"When we arrived the boat was immaculate, clean, tastefully presented and decorated, and ready to board at the agreed time. The boat was kept clean during the charter as well. All advertised equipment was onboard and working properly. We especially enjoyed the diving, the kayak, and the dinghy that we could take ourselves. The boat's cabins, salon, cockpit, sunning space, etc. were comfortable but not opulent- just our style! The Captain,Cliff, was outgoing, professional, and friendly. He was like a good friend in one day, and he WAS a good friend after a couple more! We absolutely felt free to choose each day's activities. Meals were very well prepared and perfect for our somewhat picky kids. All the specific drinks we requested in our preference sheet were onboard and we had all we could want. The meals reflected the requests we made in our preference sheet as well. Our cook was outgoing, professional, friendly and eager to please. Liza was just wonderful- fun, capable, low-key, quiet in her duties- a great match for Cliff. They work as a well maintained engine! The boat is older but very well maintained - perfect for our expectations. The Exumas are a fabulous cruising ground that seems overlooked by charterers. We think it vastly exceeds the BVI in all it offers. We've chartered many crewed catamarans and sailed in many places, but our week on Solstice in the Exumas was a highlight - over the top!" - Francis family

NOTE: The Francis family chartered SOLSTICE again!
A Wonderful Holiday
"Thank you for your superb organization and perfect execution! A wonderful holiday with wonderful people! Just lovely - a great ship! Many thanks for the great diving!" - Collomb party
A great mix of sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving & relaxing

1. Was the condition of the yacht up to your expectations?
Yes the pictures online were very accurate. The boat was in great condition. It was apparent that it was well taken care of by Cliff & Liza.

2. Did you find your accommodations comfortable?
Yes very comfortable. We were amazed at the space available to us. We traveled w/ 2 other couples & it was wonderful having our own head in each cabin. The captain had crafted a bimini top for the boat so we were able to enjoy either the shade or sun.

3. Was the crew attentive to your needs?
They were extremely attentive to our needs & treated us very well. They planned every day around the weather, winds and our requests.

4. Did you enjoy the meals & beverages served aboard?
We were fed good meals & had plenty of liquid refreshments.

5. Was the itinerary fun and exciting?
The captain made every day an adventure. We felt we got a great mix of sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving & relaxing.

6. Would you charter this yacht again?
Yes!!! We would certainly sail with Cliff & Liza again. We have recommended them to family & friends.

Thank you!

"I know that we already said thank you, but I really need to say it one more time. Tom and I had such a wonderful trip that it is hard for us to explain to our friends and family. The best we can do is to say that it was the best vacation we have ever had, and that we hope to do it again very, very soon. I cannot imagine how difficult it must be to open your 'home' to complete strangers and make them feel comfortable and welcome. You did all of that and more....which meant that our vacation was both wonderful and exciting, and relaxing and fun...all at the same time. And I feel that we not only had a great time, but that we made two new friends as well. Please stay with us if you ever visit Virginia. We are missing you and the wonderful calm beauty of the Bahamas. So for one last time, thank you for providing us with a vacation to remember always." - Pat and Tom H., VA
"Dear Broker,

In short, the trip was wonderful and much of it was due to Cliff and Liza. They were just a joy to sail with. We had done a similar trip some years ago in the Grenadines and we thought that crew was great, but Cliff and Liza were just that much better. I'd recommend them to anyone. They are truly interesting and professional people. As far as the boat itself is concerned, it was perfect. Everything worked well and it was clean, comfortable and very nicely appointed. We are already considering another trip next year."
Exumas a 10, Yacht a 10, Cliff and Liza an 11!
"Dear Broker,
  1. Exumas: A 10! There was so much to do or nothing at all. I loved being able to feel like I was in a remote and exotic part of the world without having to travel a great distance to get there.
  2. The boat itself: A 10. You never know what you're going to get with a charter but Solstice was set-up and maintained to the smallest detail exactly how I would have my own boat.
  3. Cliff and Liza: 11's! They have so much to offer personally, plus I got the genuine feeling that our enjoyment was their enjoyment.

    We know it took a lot of work to provision for us exactly what we wanted AND to create a wonderful time once we got there, but they made it seem effortless. So, yes, I would highly recommend the area, the boat and our Captain and Chef. Some of my favorites:

    * Cliff diving for lobster. I tried holding my breath just to go down and look for lobster, and it's really, really hard. He was amazing! He caught 3 lobsters and Liza created some wonderful lobster dishes. I'm salivating just thinking about them.
    Cliff & Liza's local knowledge: Interesting without being boring.
    Lots of comfortable spots on the boat.
    * L
    iza anticipating our needs. To be indulged like that was therapy!
    Friendly iguanas, diving with sharks, amazing sunsets -- I can't wait to go back!

    Karin A., Los Angeles CA
A Wonderful Adventure!

"What a wonderful adventure!  Great food and company....snorkeling, star gazing, SCUBA, fishing, lobster hunting, swimming, and yes, even hiking!  Thanks for it all!"

- Anne D./Chip C. & family, New Jersey

The BEST Sea Adventure!

"Thank you Cliff, Liza and Solstice for the BEST sea adventure we have ever had!  Thank you for a fantastic voyage!"

- Jim and Rob R., New Jersey & Florida

Dreams, Adventures, & Stories!

"Thanks for the dreams, adventures and stories - for the rapping, deck shows, corny jokes, great food, laughing, adventure scuba, snorkel stars, and for making our honeymoon the best!"

- Gordon & Mary, Massachusetts

Careful Pampering

"Thank you for such a memorable week in your company, for your careful pampering, and for your positive and relaxing attitiude and perspective!  It was a great pre-Honeymoon, and we'll certainly be back for more!" 

- Line & Bogdan, Montreal

Wonderful Times Aboard Solstice

"Thank you, for a week of smooth, fast sailing (with no heeling!) and GREAT FOOD!"

- Ress Family, Florida

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