There are many reasonably priced ways to get here! Your Charter Broker and/or Travel Agent can advise you further and help with arrangements.
We do not officially endorse any of these operators.

1. Join us in Coral Harbour / Nassau:

2. Join us in The Exumas:

A flight to Norman's Cay or Staniel Cay in the Exumas gives you more island time on your charter, and saves you a full day of sailing to or from Nassau.

Private charter flights between Nassau and Norman's Cay or Staniel Cay:

  • Golden Wings has provided excellent, professional and reliable service.
    Nassau to Norman's Cay (or Norman's Cay to Nassau) for up to 6 guests is a 20 minute flight for $580 total. +1 242-377-0039.

    Scheduled Flights - By the seat, ideal for a small group
  • Watermakers Air - daily scheduled flights between Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and Staniel Cay (approximately $235/seat each way). +1 954-467-8920.

  • Flamingo Air - daily scheduled 40 minute flights between Nassau and Staniel Cay (approximately $110/seat each way). +1 242-351-5922.
Please contact your charter broker or travel agent for booking

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